Welcome to Pillajer Oil


Yep, this is where the magic happens. And we can't wait to give you the tour. But first, a quick question...

We can lie to ourselves that our appearance doesn’t matter. But if that’s really the case, then why do we all have mirrors?

Well you and your mirror are in luck. Because it just so happens that helping you look stupendous, smell excellent and exude confidence is what we’re all about.

He’ll even work with you to create a custom scent based on aromas you love. Because we know that you have your own unique style, and we celebrate that.


So what does all that mean, besides clean, healthy hair and skin, and a wonderfully unique scent?

Do you own a mirror? Of course you do. But why?


Because we all care about our appearance.

As social creatures, we want to make the best possible impression on everyone we meet.

And so you want to look good… no, amazing. And when you look amazing, you feel confident.


You want to smell great too. Right?

So how does all this confident-attractive mumbo jumbo work?

Here’s the deal: our oils actually cleanse your skin and hair. While at the same time providing them with the nourishment, vitamins and moisture they really need, but are sadly lacking.​

Founder, Gabriel “Pillajer” Andre has spent years perfecting his proprietary formula through research, personal trial and error, and feedback from friends with various hair and skin types.​


And all that work pays off everyday. It pays off for us (I mean, have you seen Gabriel’s beard?) and it pays off for our customers, like the one you were noticing at the show last night.

All-natural Pillajer Oils help balance your natural PH and never leave your skin or hair dry or oily.


And because Gabriel loves you, he hand-blends every single bottle of Pillajer Oil. That means that your oil will be custom blended to perfectly nail your skin and hair type. Just let us know.

It means you get to make an outstanding impression on everyone you meet. How does that sound?


Listen, when you show up with glowing skin and luxurious hair, or a magnificent beard, people notice.

So that’s why we’re so happy you’re here. But we still can’t really help you until you decide you want it.


Let Pillajer Oil be the secret weapon in your personal-empowerment arsenal. Hey, it’s a hell of a lot easier than crossfit. Smells better too.


Reach out and let us hook you up with the awesomeness.


+15 charisma in every bottle, guaranteed.

And because you look fantastic, smell amazing and feel confident, you’re rocking that mojo in overdrive. And that’s what makes you someone people want to meet and be around. You’re welcome.​

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