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"It's really an exceptional product, I used like 2-3 tiny drops a day and my beard has been smooth and soft. Before it would be rough and itch now I'm able to grow my beard in peace without having to sacrifice anything. I also love it duals as a skin lotion and the citrus fragrance is addicting to smell."


~Mirza Baig

"I use my Pillager oil almost everyday. I love the custom scent (lavender and jasmine) and the way it leaves my hair /skin feeling. I always get complements on how great my hair smells and feels. I highly recommend this oil, especially for ladies with dyed hair, its a great detangler as well as adding a beautiful shine."


~Marianne Dawson


Our Woodsy Scent subtly brings you and everyone around you to a private party deep within a fresh aromatic forest. And we could all use that. Woodsy Scent promotes a relaxed feeling of contentment without ever being overpowering.


As social creatures, we humans want to make the best possible impression on everyone we meet.


And you know that when you look and smell amazing, you feel more confident.


We can lie to ourselves that our appearance doesn’t matter. But if that’s really the case, then why do we all have mirrors?


Well at Pillajer Oil, it’s our mission to help you look and smell healthy, attractive and stylish.​


Founder, Gabriel “Pillajer” Andre has spent years perfecting his oil formula.


The result is a line of hair and skin oils that actually cleanse your skin and hair, while providing the nourishment, vitamins and moisture they need.


And don’t worry, because all-natural Pillajer Oils will never leave your skin or hair dry or oily.


Every bottle is custom-blended to perfectly nail your skin and hair type. So make sure to let us know.


You can even work with Gabriel to create your own custom scent!


With Pillajer Oil, you get to make an outstanding impression on everyone you meet.


Let your custom-blended Pillajer Oil be the secret weapon in your personal-empowerment arsenal. Hey, it’s a hell of a lot easier than crossfit. Smells better too.


Reach out and let us create a custom oil perfectly suited to you.

+15 charisma in every bottle, guaranteed.

Imagine yourself in a lovely, fragrant orange grove in Brazil, a lush tangerine grove in Spain, or even a majestic grapefruit grove here in Texas…​


Personal Blend allows customers to request their own unique scent blend that fits you exactly. This can be molded to suit anyone custom needs. Keep in mind no Pillajer Oil product will contain alcohol...


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